Our initiative roots from our direct participation and experience as volunteers and from the need analysis that we conduct in the three partner’s countries that is important to support the new organizations diving into the information, procedures about the solidarity corps activities. Talking from National Agencies, organizations, youth workers perspective rather than volunteers is probably not fulfilling the volunteer's needs and also there is a lack of outreach and awareness of the European Solidarity Corps.

The main aim of GOTHEN is to empower & connect young people while driving innovation and reinforcing volunteering culture.

The objectives of GOTHEN are:

  • Give the volunteers the tools to reach useful information for them
  • Raise awareness about the volunteer's culture among the local communities
  • Create a community around the volunteer once he/she is abroad
  • Help the Youth Workers with the recruitment of participant to their ESC events
  • Empower the volunteers

The three outputs of the projects are:

  • Volunteer talks videos
  • Solidarity Hub: live streaming with Esc volunteers
  • Go Locals! Training course for youth workers
  • Esc advisor- an online platform