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ΙΝΤΟ - Opening Dissemination Seminar in Cyprus

In the framework of the INTO project an opening dissemination seminar took place on the 28 of November 2014 in Nicosia, Cyprus. Teachers, educators, social and healthcare workers participated in this seminar. During this seminar, CARDET presented to the participants the general objectives and the aims of INTO project which are to spread awareness on how students with migrant backgrounds and different cultures can infuse valuable cultural and educational elements in local schools. Additionally, the project aims to identify strategies and to develop methods to support students, with a migrant background and motivate them not to leave school. This is envisioned to be achieved through a peer mentoring programme and a model of intercultural mentoring between students. Participants also had the chance to learn about the completed phases of the project and its upcoming activities. Participants were very interested in learning about the piloting phase of the Intercultural Mentoring Model which it will take place between December 2014 and February 2015. As participants mentioned, it will be very interesting to see how students interact with each other and how teachers can support their students to become mentors. According to a participant, this new model has all the potentials to promote the integration of migrant students in our schools.

At the end of the meeting CARDET distributed to participants the brochures of INTO project. INTO dissemination seminar was successful and participants committed to participate in the next steps of the project and contribute to its wide dissemination.



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