An online platform on tackling racism in sports, and specifically football, has been developed by our project TACKLE, and has now been officially launched for wider use.

The free online platform provides immediate access to various resources for trainers and coaches at the grassroots level of football who want to advance their knowledge and abilities in inclusive strategies.

The Professional Development course offers a comprehensive learning resource to educate, inform, guide, and empower football coaches and professionals so that they are in a position to prevent, address, or mitigate incidents of racism by and towards their players. 

In addition, the Toolkit consists of ready-to-use material, including lesson plans and good practices to support the organisation and implementation of educational activities that foster inclusion, respect, and diversity.

At a national level, the open educational resources have been tested with twenty experts in the field, who demonstrated a great interest in sharing their experiences, exchanging good practices and making suggestions regarding the material.

We hope that these resources will continue to inspire those with the vision of making football a more inclusive and welcoming sport for everyone.

 TACKLE e-learning platform