A different kind of event, filled with dancing and good food, took place at MATERIA Group, for our project TRACEUS, which seeks to develop and curate a database of recipes, cuisines and traditions (storytelling/singing/dancing), associated with European cuisines, using mobile technology as a learning tool.

It has been a pleasure being hosted by MATERIA Group, and having the opportunity to engage and interact with the older residents at their facilities. The results of our project TRACEUS were presented among participants, receiving positive feedback and further interest in the work of the project and the refreshing concept of it.

We would like to thank the wonderful dancers who presented traditional dances and poetry to older residents, and Mrs. Niki Tiggi, one of the co-creators of our project, for the delicious traditional doughnuts.

TRACEUS is an Erasmus+ KA2 that will operate as a living laboratory of social and technological activities promoting knowledge on new technology skills through culinary traditions and adult-learning processes. The project will develop an array of activities and resources to empower older adults and migrants to use new technologies to become authors and moviemakers and share their experiences with their peers and society.

Photo from Charis Shiakallis2 Photo from Charis Shiakallis