The consortium of the NEET-SYSTEM project convened on the 11th and 12th of February 2020 in Opava, Czech Republic in a meeting to evaluate the progress and discuss the next steps of the project.

The fourth meeting of the consortium focused on the eLearning portal and the In-service training programme and Handbook for adult educators that were developed through the workings of the project. The above-mentioned deliverables will soon be available to all partners’ languages. Partners also exchanged views on the Policy Paper which will be compiled based on the opinions of senior managers from each partner country on the utilization of Escape Room Games to educate adults and equip them in key labour market skills.

NEET-SYSTEM, is an innovative scheme that has designed and developed a bespoke challenge-based educational intervention to re-engage NEETs and support them to build the necessary skills and competencies to be reintegrated into education or employment. The project is being delivered by a 9-country consortium comprised by organizations with longstanding expertise in the field, with CARDET being a prominent member of the project team and playing a pivotal role in the process of curriculum design and development.

NEET-SYSTEM: Partners meeting in Opava for assessment and coordination